Opening Event 27.8.2023

Opening event of NGO Prof. Dr. Theda Rehbock’s Susimetsa Philosophicum

On Sunday, August 27th, 2023, friends, colleagues, and cooperation partners gathered in Susimetsa for the opening event of the NGO Prof. Dr. Theda Rehbock’s Susimetsa Philosophicum, which also served as a celebration of Theda Rehbock’s birthday.

Ms. Annette Klein, the German Ambassador in Tallinn, sent her best regards virtually (watch her welcome speech here).

Ms. Irene Schauer-Larimian, the Deputy Head of Mission and Counselor at the Austrian Embassy, delivered a speech.

Mr. Erhard Ohlhoff, a friend of Theda Rehbock, shared memories of how he had met Theda and how they had made music together.

Prof. Margit Sutrop, another friend of Theda Rehbock and a board member of the NGO, shared the story of the house and introduced Prof. Theda Rehbock’s philosophical views. She highlighted that Theda Rehbock’s broad philosophical interests are reflected in her library, which includes books on Goethe, the history of philosophy, ethics, philosophy of language and mind, political philosophy, philosophy of law, science, and education.

Ms. Sigrid Parts, the Project Manager of Susimetsa Philosophicum, provided an overview of the planned activities at Susimetsa Philosophicum. She explained that the organization’s activities are based on the material and spiritual heritage of the German philosophy professor Theda Imke Rehbock and are aimed at promoting a culture of philosophical exchange, creating conditions for philosophical-intellectual creative work, and providing space for events in line with the aims of the NGO. Additionally, they aim to strengthen cultural ties between Germany and Estonia.

The folk group Pärnu Spelmanslag, led by Erhard Ohlhoff, performed folk music from Northern Europe.