About Susimetsa

In 2002, the Saar family from Pärnu embarked on the development of Susimetsa by acquiring a wooded land in Laadi village, located 13 km away from Pärnu. They drained the land and dug a large water body in the middle of it. They ordered a log house and sauna from Finland. Later, a two-story villa was built adjacent to the log house. The establishment of a solar park demonstrated their commitment to eco-friendly thinking. They planted trees and shrubs of different colors and cultivated grapes. Through tremendous effort and tasteful design, everything came together so beautifully that in 2008, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip bestowed upon the Saar family the distinction of having the most beautiful home in Estonia of 2008.

In the autumn of 2019, the German philosopher and bioethicist Prof. Theda Rehbock purchased Susimetsa, seeing great potential in the place as a philosophical center. Theda had come to Estonia for the anniversary song festival, traveling by camper van from Germany. After the festival, while touring the country with her Estonian friends, she fell in love with Estonia and decided to stay here to complete her books. Susimetsa enchanted her at first sight. There was peace and tranquility here—an inspiring environment for intellectual work. Swimming in her own small lake, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse, strawberries from the garden, and blueberries from the forest—these were all things she couldn't have in Germany. Additionally, she was captivated by the fact that Reiu beach with its stunning sunsets and Pärnamäed Bakery-Café with freshly baked pastries were close enough to reach by bicycle.

Theda was very enthusiastic about Estonia and formed a number of friendships here. She had a beautiful voice and she sang in the Pärnu choir. She had started to learn Estonian and read the works of Jaan Kross with great interest. At the end of October 2020 she visited the Pärt Centre and met Arvo Pärt, whose music she held in high regard.

Theda experienced great happiness in Susimetsa, cherishing each season and sharing her moments of joy through the internet with friends from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and the USA. Her three cats joyfully roamed the premises, despite being indoor cats in Germany. During summer, she even acquired sheep. Sadly, in January 2021, Theda passed away after a battle with a severe illness.

It was Theda`s dream that Susimetsa would become an open centre for philosophy, where people would have the chance both to write books and work in the garden. In her will, she entrusted Susimetsa to the philanthropic initiative "Philosophy as a Way of Life," appointing her friends Margit and Dorle to oversee its realization. To honor Theda's wishes, they established the NGO Prof. Dr. Theda Rehbock's Susimetsa Philosophicum.

Susimetsa is now open to guests - the perfect lakeside villa near Pärnu, surrounded by a beautiful garden and forest, with a spacious living area, piano, philosophical library, master bedroom and office overlooking the lake. The property covers 7 hectares and offers total privacy. The villa is fitted with 4 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and 2,5 bathrooms. There is also a seating area and a fireplace. Guests can relax in the sauna and swim in the private lake.

Additionally, a newly constructed summer house awaits guests, offering loft-style accommodation for up to 12 guests. Equipped with a private bathroom and kitchenette, it provides an additional retreat for relaxation and comfort, available from May to September.

Susimetsa provides a combination of old-world charm and modern comfort, a mixture of the beauty of nature and the cultural richness of books and music.